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TCV School Suja PGPs and Collaborative Practices

Under the leadership of the School Principal Mr. Karma Sherab Therchin la, TCV School Suja started its Teacher Professional Development Program with an intensive Orientation cum Workshop on the program. The school has 91 teachers enrolled in this program since 2013. The school has two sections; Junior Section (K -5 Grade) and Senior Section (6-12 Grades).
Right after the Orientation, the school implemented the practices from the month of April. All the Personal Growth Programs (PGPs) of the teachers are submitted to the school Principals. During section meetings, the teachers were reminded about their own PGPs. At the end of the academic session, all the teachers will submit their final report about their PGPs. The school created seventh period during which the teachers could work on their own collaborative practices and it was done every week.

Junior Section: Collaborative Practices
Some of the Collaborative practices followed in the Junior Section under the two headmasters Mr. Tashi Topgyal la and Mr. Tsering Ngodup la: Book Discussion: A group of teachers met during the zero hour and discuss and share their knowledge about the book "Divasvapna" written by Gijubhai. The book discusses about the faulty system in the Indian Education system and the author started a new Education system. There were 4 teachers in the group. Whatever they had discussed were finally shared with the rest of the teachers in the section by using PowerPoint presentation.

Math Lesson Study Group:
A group of Class I, III, IV maths teacher formed their own Lesson Study groups. The group met during the zero period and prepared lesson together, which was then demonstrated by one teacher. After collecting the observations and feedbacks, the lesson Plan was refined and then demonstrated by another teacher.


Tibetan Language Lesson Study Group:
A group of Tibetan Language teachers formed their own Lesson Study groups. Like other groups, they met from time to time and prepared a good lesson plan. The lesson was demonstrated and the lesson was further refined.
English Language Lesson Study Group:
A group of English language teachers formed their own Lesson Study group under different grades. They collaboratively prepared Lesson Plan. The Lesson was demonstrated and then further refined after incorporating the suggestions and feedback gathered during observation.

Senior Section Collaborative Practices:
Some of the Collaborative Practices followed in the senior section under the two Headmasters Mr. Tenzin Dorji la and Mr. Ngawang Thupten la: Science Lesson Study Group: A group of science teachers at senior section formed their own Lesson study group. They selected class VIII and prepared lesson plan together. They demonstrated the lesson in the class and it was further refined by collecting the feedbacks from the team members. They spent time preparing Lesson Plan, demonstrating, refining the lesson further and re demonstrating the lesson in the class each time by a different member from the group.
Tibetan Book Discussion Group: A group of teachers in the senior section formed their group and discuss intellectually on the book " Dus-rab-Kyi- Ngada" by Khenpo Lodoe. The book is about teacher profession and moral development. During the zero periods, the teachers met and discuss about the content of the book. They prepared a synopsis of the book in a beautiful power point to be shared with rest of the teachers.

Tibetan Reading Comprehension Group:
A group of Tibetan language teacher of senior section met during the zero period worked on developing a reading comprehension material for different grade levels. The materials were time and again refined and exercises were developed keeping in mind the grade level of the students. The group members had a collection which would be finally output in the form of a book.

English Language Lesson Study Group:
A group of English teachers formed their Lesson Study group. They specifically selected one section and prepared one lesson plan collaboratively. The lesson was demonstrated and further refined the lesson by incorporating the feedbacks and suggestions gathered while observing the lesson in the class.
Math Lesson Study Group:
A group of Mathematic teachers at Senior Section formed their own group. Their collaborative practice was to design some sample investigating projects for class VI level. Every zero period, they met and worked collaboratively on this project. They had prepared a small booklet with some samples for class VI math subject.

TPD Kicked off at Suja
2nd May 2015: TCV Suja: A brief function was held in the school hall right after the 3rd period to kick off the Teacher Professional Development (TPD) programs of 2015 academic year. The function was attended by the school principal and the teaching staff of both the sections.
The program began with the prayer service to Manjushree, the lord of wisdom for a smooth and successful year. After that the school Principal talked briefly about the TPD and announced the weekly TPD days. He further thanked Sherig for providing some fund to make this program run smoothly in various schools. He also went into details the distribution of the time till October with exam break in between. He finally requested everyone to give importance to this program. After that Mr. Tenzin Dhargyal la gave a short presentation of TPD. In his presentation, he explained briefly on the development of Teacher Professional Development Programs in Tibetan schools. He stressed on the importance of giving the priority to this program among other programs in the schools. Next, he listed some of the Professional Growth Plan (PGPs) samples the teachers could work on. He further requested them to choose a very simple and measurable goal when it comes to PGPs. Last but not the least, he spoke in general about the importance of teaching profession; the importance of making a difference in someone's life; and the need to become a good and kind teacher for all. The function finally came to an end with a vote of thanks from the school Headmaster Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la.
Teacher Professional Development Period and dates:
Thursday and Friday: Weekly 7th Period
November – December Final Report Writing
Some of the Collaborative Practices:
Book Discussion on "Teach like your hair is on fire" , "Dus-Rab-Kyi-Ngadra", "Positive Discipline", "Sparke" Social Science: Developing Body Language Tibetan Department: Collecting Tibetan Novella Mathematics Department: Developing teaching resources for class VII Both the Collaborative practices and Individual Growth Plans were submitted to the school Principal for more interaction and one to one feedback session.